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The Big ‘E’asy

4 Jan

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  • Exercise


I hate to exercise.  This is probably the most obvious statement ever uttered.  I can’t read when I am working out.  I can’t play video games when I am working out.  I can’t build a giant fort for Anime Boy and Tall Boy when I am working out.  I can’t reddit when I am working out.  I can’t have sex when I am.. well, I guess that counts but I definitely can not sleep when I am working out.  Working out just like, sucks man.  It can totally harsh my mellow.

That being said – I am going to start walking in the morning.  I’m going to get up earlier, go for a brisk 15 and come home and shower before class.  The plan is doing this in the morning on days I have class and after dinner on the days I do not have class.  This sounds like a TERRIBLE idea.  All those abandoned warm beds and pillows! Gah!  I almost wish someone read this blog so they can be all like “YOU GO GIRL!” and I could be all like “I knoooooooooow, right!”

I wonder if using the Wii Fit for stuff is actually worth it.  It’s probably not intense cardio or anything but anything is better than sitting on your butt, right?

Still haven’t smoked.  I really, really, really want to right now.

Today was a long day at school.  Only the 3rd day of our 2nd quarter and we have a test tomorrow. In the class that I don’t have a book for because for some reason my book is taking forever to arrive while everyone  else’s  arrived last week.  Naturally.  I scribbled notes in a manner that can only be described as chaotic.  Hoping for the best and for my Common Sense Gene to kick in. Which, to be fair, is how I approach every test.  On scribbles and dreams.