Not Guilty

3 Jan


Home from class!

Things I Did Today

  • Woke up late
  • Packed a normal sized ham on wheat for lunch.
  • Ate lunch at 9am because I was too rushed for breakfast.
  • Smelled wonderful – not like smoke and only slightly like ham.
  • Fell in the snow

Things I Did Not Do Today

  • Smoke
  • Eat an entire pie
  • Kill anyone

All in all, I would say I am batting… uhmm.  honestly I don’t even know enough about baseball to fake some sort of average.  Let’s just say I won some and I lost some.  Most importantly, I am not in jail for killing either one of the Annoying Girls in my courses today.

When I got home, I had a salad (green leaf lettuce, a handful of sugar snap peas and some red pepper) with fat free ranch and a Healthy Choice frozen thing.  The frozen thing was way, way good.  I am actually surprised on how good it was and how fresh it tasted.  Normally, I hate stuff like that.  I may be a compulsive eater but I am one who likes to eat good food. I am a fat food snob. Anyhow,  I bought enough of the frozen meals (all different flavors and brands) to last me 3 weeks (12 days) of after school meals.  After charting my calorie intake the past few months, I realized that my biggest offenders are

One: “OMG I Just Got Home and Need To CONSUME” hour and
Two: “Everyone is Sleeping and Boy Do These Leftovers Look Fiiiiiiiine” hour(s).

I figure the frozen meals would do me just fine for Issue One.  For Issue Two I plan on just going to sleep earlier.  Says the diagnosed  insomniac who still only sleeps 4 or 5  hours a night even though she takes a benzo strong enough to knock out a horse.


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